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Dropped it like it's hot :|b

Played from May 18, 2008 to July 18, 2008.

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(loev Kyou)

Concrit/Planning Post

HIT ME. Anonymous posting is allowed, IP logging is off. I'll screen comments at your request but I'd rather that you can see my replies if you choose to comment anonymously. Use this for concrit or for just planning stuff.

Or just email me.
I'm sorry this will be horribly incoherent. Hahahaha, 3 hours of sleep and I'm doing this to procrastinate on my app. |Db

Since I've gotten in, this is the trickiest aspect of bringing Hao out and playing him.

In his canon, Hao is the main villain and literally the strongest character in his series. So, yes, he's a godmodder. Things are different in camp, of course; Hao isn't in camp because there are lolis who can beat him up (ILU REIMU RLY) and other things. So taking this into account, Hao cannot do as he pleases. What does this mean?

Hao is keeping up a facade of a nice guy.
I actually don't feel this is that much of a stretch. Hao is pretty charming in canon. At the same time, he's also charming while being a complete douche because of his arrogance. I think as long as I don't lose that confidence to him I'm doing okay-ish. I think it's believable that he could keep it up; I mean he managed to fool the Patch Tribe and live with them peacefully biding his time.

ALSO HILARIOUSLY, Hao's living with Yoh, Anna and co. So there are certain rules I'm sticking on him.

No killing dudes
Well no, I could probably still manage it, but in a community like camp. News gets around. And people will mafia and just... things will get difficult.

No Walling Anna
........ sob :(

This is pretty much to address my own concerns, but if there are any questions, comments, please hit me 8D

(will likely edit the heck out of this for an real essay maybe)

Shaman King Omakes. Socuteeee

...I forgot this existed. Animated versions of those tiny extra stories that were found at the back of books 1-10 |D They're basically the characters being ttly adorable and stupid, and the animation is closer to the comics and nicer than the whole series. orz

Higher quality niconico link (raw). In case someone wants to make icons.


Name: Asakura Hao
Age: 15 to match Yoh in camp
Height: ...short
Weight: needs a sandwich
Medical Info: Healthy awesome stolen Asakura body |Db
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Physical traits: Usually wearing a cloak, huge earrings and weird lego pants and gloves. Very long hair. INEXPLICABLE SIX PACK... that disappears. lololol Takei art.
What's Okay To Mention Around Him/Her: Hao is psychic. Sob sob sob. He can only read surface thoughts though. Still I'll be worried about who you jumped him with. Ex. characters who have read the canon. He won't like that he's fictional and that people know more than he'll allow them to know. (Although to be honest, he'll probably laugh at SK has no ending for now, 'of course, because I win ^_^') Otherwise Hao is zeeeeeeen. If you hint you know more than you should, he will try to pry or just '^_^ you're interesting'.
Abilities: ...I'll talk to the cast first. BUT GODMOD. Sob.
For the most part, Hao fights using his Spirit of Fire, which is a massively tall robot looking thing that can manipulate fire at will, hence the name. Hao is also a very talented onmyouji so he can manipulate elements. Sob stupid complex canon.
Notes for the Psychics/Spiritual(???) people: Hao is a mind reader. He really won't like that you're in his head. Please ping me before hand if you're jumping me or I'm jumping a psychic character. Canon has him being unable to read Anna (who used to be psychic) so if you want to go that route, I'm okay with that :|b OTHERWISE, he thinks he's awesome, becoming Shaman King, and cleaning the world. These are OK topics, if you asked him he'll gladly answer. He'll also think about Matamune and his mother, depends on who you are, you won't get an answer out of him.
O yeah, Hao has very strong shaman powers, and has been reincarnated twice. I don't know if that'll ping anyone.
Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Just poke me first.
Maim/Murder/Death: You can try, but he'll definitely return the favour
Physical Contact/Kissing/Hugging: ^_________^

vague permissions is vague.

SPECIAL NOTE: Hao kills people in canon quite a lot, and I don't want to do that :( For the time being, he /does/ have the Spirit of Fire with him, but he won't be going around burning everyone. My logic is this: Hao uses the SoF -> people don't stay dead/don't become spirits -> SoF needs to eat spirits to recharge = no abuse of GodMod powers. Is that cool? Am I copping out?

May. 17th, 2008

Character: Hao
Series: Shaman King (manga)
Character Age: 15
Canon: Shaman King was a long running shounen manga series about spirits and shamans, people with the abilities to communicate with spirits. Yoh is a shaman, a talented albeit incredibly lazy one, and the series follows him as he competes in the Shaman Fight, a tournament that occurs every 500 years to decide the Shaman King, the world's messiah. For several volumes, the series remains light hearted: it's just a shounen series about working towards your dreams, and then the series got majorly Joss'd with the appearance of Hao, who wants purify the world through human genocide and is incidentally Yoh's twin brother.

In his first real appearance, Hao introduces himself as the 'future king'. Ie the one who will win the Shaman Fight. He appears carefree and very confident thanks to his impressive pyrokinetic abilities. Hao is an enigma who almost always seems chipper and usually lets his subordinates deal with the 'tiny' and insignificant while he watches on amused. However, behind his smile is a cunning spirit far older, wiser and /bitter/ than he appears, who will use his charm and influence to manipulate others as his pawns.

Sample App:

I have to admit, I'm not that interested in your camp for 'flamers', as you put it. It's a little off-putting that you would compare me with everyone else. If you must, then I suppose I am the most 'flaming hotman' to ever grace these grounds. However, I decided to overlook that. I've heard a little about you. You created this entire place by yourself? You must be very powerful indeed. I think we should meet. I've been looking to add to my group. Good help is so hard to find these days and then they get themselves killed. So how about it, Elizabeth? I'm offering you the rare opportunity to serve the Future King. Why don't you join me as I purify this decaying world and rebuilt it from its ashes?

I would've preferred to say this to your face, but you appear to be quite shy. Even with my abilities, I can't find you anywhere. I suppose I am left with no choice but to relay my message to this camp's feathered inhabitants. The toucans aren't giving me much trouble. One of them was a little rude for invading my thoughts, but I do say he seems to have learned his lesson the hard way. I wonder what roasted toucan tastes like. Anyway, now all of them listen to my every word. Haha, they really are birds of a feather, don't you think, shamelessly flocking to the most powerful like that.

In the mean time, I'll see what this place has to offer. Your camp is certainly filled with many colorful characters. I'm rather intrigued by your lake spirit. Ah, Marcy, was it? Haha, she offered to give me a hands on demonstration of her strength, but I had to decline. It's easy to see she's quite angry, and I don't blame her. Her lake is completed polluted; I can't imagine how she continues to live in that. Even her hostility isn't enough to stop the foolish humans from jumping in for a swim. Disgusting.

Anyway, Elizabeth, I do hope you decide to show yourself soon. It's rather rude to keep me waiting. I was told that time moves differently inside the barrier, and people rarely lie when they risk getting incinerated. Although I can't say I understand how that works. Ah, you there. What day is it? Hm? Mandatory Naked Day? Haha, I assure you it's very difficult to make anything 'Mandatory' for me. This place is getting into the mood, it even has music for the occasion. Honestly, it's hardly that 'hot in here' that you need to 'take off all your clothes'. Trust the human race to listen to drivel like this. No, I'm afraid I'm still going to decline. I don't care that this is a camp tradition. I'm not going to humor yo-

I'm not ashamed of anything. Well, take a good look while you can. You're looking at your future king in all his glory. Haha, and there's nothing 'tiny' about that.

Voting went here (75% p-phew. |D )